Blue Gator Nations First Whiteout Game and Pep Rally


September 8, 2017 was the Blue Gator football team’s first home game, and it was a white out game. On Friday during school all students were allowed to wear white to show their support for the team, and during the pep rally, Faith Wilson was crowned best dressed and won a price. She won with to her white spray painted hair and polka dots painted on her legs and arms, but there were many others who went full out with white wigs, tutus and huge sunglasses. In bringing back an old tradition, the cheerleaders sold ribbons and stickers throughout the school day to those who wanted one for a dollar, and for an extra dollar anyone could buy an awesome Gator pin as well. Throughout the day people were also handing out temporary tattoos of our Blue Gator to those who wanted one. All around the day was a success and people were excited for the first kickoff of the year to happen at 7:00.

At 5:00 before kickoff, many students, teachers, and parents came to tailgate at Tail Gators, sponsored by the PTO. During the tailgating, people had their face painted, ate pizza, and played on the fun jumps. There were also many game stations to choose from such as Just Dance, human bowling, and water balloons relays. Many of the students said they enjoyed being able to get decked out in white. Abigail Hall said of the event, “I love how everyone was able to show their Gator spirit before the game”. The football stadium started to fill up around 6:30 with everyone dressed in white. The first kickoff of the season happened at 7:00 against Catholic High – Pointe Coupee (CHPC), and everyone was thrilled. Many people in the stands had megaphones to help lead the student section in cheers, along with cowbells and signs to keep the student section cheering.

As kickoff time happened, the game started out great with a touchdown for the Blue Gators, but took a rocky turn early in the game when CHPC tied the game and then soon took the lead. Going into half time, the Blue Gators were down 7-14, but that did not stop everyone from staying enthusiastic. The student section stayed on their feet the entire time and continued to keep positive attitudes. During half time, many students used this time to buy food, drinks, or shirts along with watching the Gator Jazz performance. Early after half time, the game continued to keep the steady score of 7-14, until freshman Willie Kerstetter (?) caught an incredible pass that was about a forty yards. The forty yard pass was turned into a touchdown to tie the game. After that touchdown, the Blue Gators turned the tide and were able to take the lead to win the game 21-14. Everyone was cheering and dancing, as the crowd was happy to have a great whiteout game and first home game victory.