BASHing Last Year’s Expectations


On August 18th, Ascension held their annual back to school bash for grades 8-12. For each bash, there is a theme. The past few years, we have had themes such as glow in the dark, 90’s, and tropical. This year’s theme was jersey night.  The bash itself was shorter than last year, but everyone made the most of the time. At the dance there was lots of food to snack on, like pizza, candy and dessert. In order to accommodate everyone’s likes and dislikes, this was referred to as a bash and not a dance, since it provided games to play for the students that don’t enjoy dances. For the students who are into dancing, some bomb music was provided by Ascension’s own DJ Doobs! Unlike other school dances, there was only two slow songs played, so everyone stayed on the dance floor the entire time.

At Ascension, the eighth graders are able to join the SMP campus a year earlier than most kids go to high school. This is to help slowly ease their way into high school. They do not get to participate in events such as homecoming or prom, but they are invited to the back to school bash as a way to help them get introduced to the school. Eighth graders that being included in this is a big deal to them!

With an awesome theme, a rocking DJ, and the eighth grade class invited, this year was the biggest hit by far! If you know Ascension volleyball then you know Junior Addie Vidrine. Believe me, the girl has got moves on and off the court, and when asked to describe the dance she simply said, “Bro that thing was lit!” Carolina Cardova, senior, was one of the class leaders involved in helping set up the bash. This is the last back to school bash she will be attending, so we got some insight on her experience at the bash. Carolina said, ” I loved the back to school bash because most of the student body was there and all having fun together. The music was lit and everyone was jamming out.” She then says at one point she looked around and thought, “I’m so lucky to be at Ascension.”