Senior Artwork


Every year since 2011, Ascension’s art department has displayed student’s work around the SMP campus to honor their talent and hard work throughout the year. Mrs. Guidry explained, “Last year, we began a new tradition to install the art along with a variety of performing arts pieces at the Acadiana Center for the Arts in downtown Lafayette.” The Heart for the Arts gala is set to occur every other year and, because the senior’s work won’t go on display at Heart for the Arts this year, the SMP Art Department decided to honor them in a different way — Ms. Guidry, Mr. Sierveld, and the rest of the art department decided to honor the seniors by putting their art all around the school for display.

This exhibit highlights the several different works that are being displayed around the upper school campus and library. They have everything from paintings, drawings, and sculptures to photographs and papers. The art on display was specially selected to show off the talents and hard work of the students and the progress they have made throughout the year. The art will be on exhibit from April 24th through May 5th. Everyone is welcome to stop by and browse the talented senior’s work at any time throughout the day.