Ascension Takes on LCA


Taylor Doss, Staff Writer

We are now in Week 9 of the regular season of football, and that means one thing… Ascension Blue Gators face off against the LCA Knights. This carries more weight than you may think, as this is the single most looked forward to game in our ten week schedule. How has this rival come to be? It has developed over a couple of years that brought with it late hits, trash talking between whistles, and the oh-so-glorified Instagram wars. The same can be expected this season, and the intensity will be through the roof.

What is the theme for this year’s game you might ask? Part Two of “Gator Nation Takes a Vacation” is underway. The stands will be filled and the atmosphere is going to be electric as we head down the road to take them on at their place. The more the merrier, especially in this case. Come out on Friday in your vacation gear and support — you’ll wanna be there!