AP Spanish Takes a Trip to the River Ranch Campus


Bryn Daneshfar, Staff Writer

Last week at the River Ranch campus, the kindergarteners had a special Spanish lesson from the AP Spanish class at SMP. During this fun-filled day, the AP students taught a Spanish song titled “Los Pollitos Dicen” by Canciones Infantiles. The AP students began their presentation with signs that introduced 10 new Spanish words, along with pictures, for the kids to learn. They had the young students repeat after them as they went along. The song that they taught, “Los Pollitos Dicen”, is about chicks that cry when they are hungry and cold, but then find comfort from their mother hen. As they sang the song for the kids, they held up the signs with the corresponding words in the song so that they could better understand and learn the phrases.

Following this, the Spanish students repeated “Los Pollitos Dicen” with the children singing along this time. Next, they broke up into smaller groups and reviewed the key words from the signs. Olivia Brown, junior, said, “Teaching the children was a great learning experience for both me and children alike!” This lesson was a creative way for the kindergarteners to take a break from their school day and learn something new. Not only was this a fun exercise for the kindergarteners, but for the AP Spanish students as well. “This trip to the preschool was definitely one of the best ideas. We got to interact with kids that we have never seen before and teach them material that they can take wth them forever. It was so cool to see their faces light up when they got a Spanish question right and even cooler to see them want to learn and know more than they already do. I think that message right there is a great reminder of how we should be learning, with passion and intention. Over all, it was a great experience and I took a lot from it,” said Abbie Boland, junior.