Senior Spotlight: Kirsten Landry


Kirsten Landry has had a stellar career starring as a member of the cross country team. Landry is a senior this year at Ascension and is well known for her great success as a runner as well as her position as community service prefect. Her interest in running began when she started training for the mile run for the President’s Award in the fifth grade, and in the sixth grade, she joined the cross country team. Recently, Kirsten participated in the Mobile XC Challenge of Champions, one of the biggest races in the gulf states area. In this year’s race, held at Langhan Park in Mobile, about 800 athletes came to participate in the 5k. “Running makes me feel peaceful and free, and it makes me feel like myself.” she said. “It seemed to give me a purpose in my life. I am driven to run because it is hard work and fun at the same time. I have also met so many people and experienced many adventures through running, leading to life long friendships and memories.

When asked about the feeling obtained from winning a race, Landry replied, “I don’t think any other feeling is comparable to what it feels like when you win a race because when you cross the finish line you just think of all the training and time that you put into preparing for the race and you remember and reassure yourself that all of the time, tears and pain were worth it. You feel this huge since of accomplishment and it is almost like relief for me because I get really stressed out about a race many days before and I cannot focus or think about anything else.” The athlete trains every single day from running in the mornings 5 times a week for two day sessions along with afternoon training. This requires early mornings and late nights to balance her workouts and school work.

Kirsten has an evident passion for running and has many accomplishments to share. She has won every district meet since she was in the 8th grade, has been the runner-up in the state meet in 8th grade, 10th grade, and 11th grade, won the state title in 9th grade, and the track state title also in 9th and 11th grade. The runner says, “Ever since I was born I loved motion, excitement and adventure and I also love to challenge myself. Running seemed to always to give me this sense of excitement so I found a love for it.” Landry did not take credit for her success, but instead chose to recognize her parents, grandmother, and all of her coaches for always supporting her into becoming the athlete she is today. She plans to continue running in college and has been noticed by a few college coaches but is unsure of where she will attend. “Running defines who I am and I cannot imagine my life without it.” she said.