Football Pep Rally

Zach Ronquillo, Senior, and Mrs. Guidry high five each other after winning

The football kickoff pep rally (and the upcoming labor day weekend) on Friday had all of the students on the SMP campus excited for the first home game of the season. Friday morning Anna Cayton Womble, senior cheerleader, remarked, “I’m just so pumped!” Many new faces  here were seen participating in the pep rally. The dance team’s brilliant performance was a prime example. Led by captain Sarah Smith, senior, this year’s Gator Jazz team has the most members it’s ever had – 12 members!  

There are also enough cheerleaders this year to make up both a JV and Varsity squad! With 17 members on just the Varsity squad, Captain Kate Mouton and co-captain Sophie Main are in charge of Ascension’s biggest high school cheer squad! Here’s what Kate has to say about the upcoming year:

 “This year our cheerleaders look better than ever before! From our JV, Varsity, and competition, our squads are ready for what lies ahead of us this year. Friday nights are our favorites without a doubt and our new cowbells are a great new addition to that football spirit! Hope to see you out there this coming Friday!! Go gators :]” 

The game during the pep rally that followed was very unique and entertaining; teams of a student and a teacher competed to see who could stay in a bucket of ice water the longest. The winners were Mrs. Guidry and Zach Ronquillo. This is just one of the ways the faculty and student leaders are trying to boost student morale this year.

The new cowbells and noisemakers used at the pep rally and the game on Friday night certainly seem to have raised the levels of school spirit, and the big victory is sure to help keep everyone positive for the rest of the season!