Student Photographer: Hallie Musso

Student Photographer: Hallie Musso

Hallie Musso, a junior at Ascension, is turning out to be a very talented and prolific student photographer.

She said that she’s been shooting for about three years, but this is her first time actually taking a class in photography even though she’s been at Ascension for many years. When asked if she liked the class we offer here she said, “Yes! It is very informational.”

Clearly, her talent can be seen by all because she was recently hired by Quick Slants Photography! Quick Slants is a local youth sports magazine.

She can be usually be found taking pictures of nature and horses and has been paid to take pictures at many horse shows as well as football games.

As many know, riding horses is another of her hobbies, which she is just as dedicated to and talented at as she is in photography. Hallie says it gives her lots of opportunities to take wonderful pictures; however it comes at a price, and, often, attending out-of-state horse shows means she has to miss some school.

Earlier in the year she took an amazing set of pictures of some of the football practices, which included pictures of them goofing off as well as putting on their game face!  Check them out in the slideshow.