Student Spotlight: Adriana Sanchez


This year, many new faces have been introduced to us, but one particular student came all the way from the capital of Ecuador, Quito.

Adriana Sanchez moved to Lafayette to continue her studies in a post-graduate year before going to college. She said she would like to major in modern languages and psychology. Adriana lives in Scott with her aunt and uncle while attending Ascension.

“I miss the mountains in Ecuador” said Adriana. She left her brother, Louis, and her parents back home, and Adriana said she also misses them.

“The food here is really good, but also spicy,” said Adriana. She said that she loves the crawfish and jambalaya, even though in Ecuador they eat a lot of beans and tropical fruit. She loves the ceviche and seafood, but her favorite meal is called frittata which is made with pork meat, potatoes, white corn, and avocado.

Back home, she participated  in swimming, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. However, she said she likes it here in Lafayette at AES where she hopes to finish this semester and then start college in January.

Adriana  said that she chose Ascension Episcopal School because “it is one of the top credited and rated schools internationally”. According to her, schools here are much different from the ones she attended back home. In Ecuador, the teachers come to their classrooms and teach instead of the students going to the teacher. Also, every grade has a classroom that is divided according to the specialization that a student wants.

According to Adriana, most private schools in Ecuador teach English and another language just like we teach Spanish and another language here in the US. Adriana Sanchez speaks Spanish, English, French, and a little Chinese. She is currently studying Korean online and already knows a little.