Seeing Double… and Double… and Double.


Everyone can agree that twins are cool. The idea of having an exact copy of yourself is such a weird concept, but at Ascension, we have seven pairs of twins walking the halls. So, what’s it like being a twin?

“We can read each others mind sometimes,” says Dolly Rath about her fraternal twin, William. “When we look at each other, we know what the other is thinking. When we’re in an uncomfortable position, we look at each other and can’t stop laughing for like 10 minutes.”

“I can tell how she feels by looking in her eyes,” Hallye Leleux told us.”I hate when Greer is sad. It always makes me sad.”

But some twins aren’t as telepathic.

“Most of the time when I read John’s mind, it’s blank,” Jillian Verzwyvelt said.

“Sometimes I can see what she’s about to say,” John responded. “I only wish I could use it on tests…”

Some twins even have their own language, like Hannah and Peyton Short who told me about a “sissy” language they spoke in when they were younger.

“Once we were at our grandparent’s house, and our aunt was sitting between us. We leaned over her and started speaking ‘sissy’ to each other. It really freaked her out.”

The Verzwyvelt’s never had that experience, though. “Just lame English,” John told me. “I swear, sometimes she’s speaking Vulcan.”

But, how do you tell identical twins apart? People have come up with some creative ways to tell these twins apart.

The Short twins wear different watches to differentiate themselves. Hannah’s is pink and Peyton’s is purple.

“My sister has a pointed left earlobe,” said Hallye.

Being a twin also means goofing off and having fun.

“When we were younger, we switched classes,” Greer Leleux said. “Hallye went to my math class because she’s better at math, and I went to her English class.”

So, overall, having a twin seems pretty awesome.

“Being a twin is fun,” Jillian revealed. “It’s like we’re part of a special, exclusive club. It’s nice having a built in friend at times.”