What Tops Students’ Christmas Lists?

What Tops Students Christmas Lists?

It’s that time of year again.  Starbucks starts carrying Gingerbread Lattes; students feel really cool walking around in their lettermans, and people begin working on their Christmas Lists.

The Christmas List is a magical place.  A place were our wildest dreams and our more practical needs come together.  Last year, my #3 was “a white tiger” and my #4 was “volleyball socks”.  My List is always pretty inventive, and I’ve never gotten everything I have written down.  For the sake of my mother’s sanity, this is probably a good thing.

This year, I was curious to see what interesting things were making other students’ wish lists as we make our way into the holiday season.

Here are a few students’ responses:

Skye Mejia: “A pony”

Summer Milam: “Digital Polaroid camera”

Grant Maxwell: “Pikachu”

Adley Schmid: “an iPhone 5”

Blue Beadle:  “For the world to not end”

Mr. Curtis: “A set of golf clubs”