Student Spotlight: Jazmin Chavez

Student Spotlight: Jazmin Chavez

As most of us have noticed, we have a few fresh faces among us this semester. One of those few is 17-year-old Junior, Jazmin Chavez.

Jazmin has two sisters, Erika and Sophia, and one brother, Fernando, who attends AES as a junior also. Jazmin’s parents are Maria and Fernando. Her dad was born and raised in Mexico City and her mother, Maria, was born in Houston to Mexican parents.

Jazmin and her family have been here since September and own Tortilla Soup restaurant in Lafayette. Her family has been in the restaurant business for 35 years and counting.  Both Jazmin and Fernando work at Tortilla Soup.

“I like Ascension a lot. The teachers and students are really nice,” says Jazmin. “I liked the way the school presented themselves and the curriculum.”

Jazmin and her family moved to Louisiana from Florida.

“My mom has cancer, and we had to move closer to Texas,” said Jazmin.

Jazmin wants to be an elementary school teacher, and she can speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and she is learning French and Italian.

Although Jazmin has never lived in Mexico, she said that she visits every year.  Her Mexican heritage is important to Jazmin and her family.

“We have a Quinceañera, which is similar to a Sweet 16, but you only have it when you’re 15,” explained Jazmin.  “It’s a huge party basically to introduce you to society as a young lady.”