Student Spotlight: Blue Beadle

Student Spotlight: Blue Beadle

A familiar face in the halls who has been at AES since nursery school is Blue Beadle.

Blue has attended AES for 13 years, and he also has a sister, Sarah Beadle, at Ascension who is in the seventh grade.

The question that most people ask him is, “Why do they call you Blue if your name is really Eber?”

Blue, whose legal name is Eber John Beadle, V, received his nickname when he was just a baby. Moments after he was born, he had a blue complexion due to the oxygen deprivation, and since then, the name “Blue” just stuck. When asked what his favorite color is he responded, “Duh, Blue!”

Blue loves music and is proud of his accomplishments at science fairs. He has attended the State Science Fair three years in a row, placing each time. One of his projects had to do with petroleum gasoline where he presented how gasoline can be taken out of dirt. Another interesting fact is that he is left handed.

Blue is a member of the AES Blue Gators Football team as well as the baseball and soccer teams. One of his most memorable moments at AES was being a part of the first winning football team at Ascension when the Blue Gators made it to the playoffs.

After high school, Blue plans to attend college and study engineering. He says his biggest role model is his dad.

“My dad has seen it all, and I can talk to him about anything,” said Blue.