Should Seniors Have More Freedom?


As the new 2021-2022 school year begins, the seniors are excited to see what the year has to offer! There have been some changes so far: the midterm exemption rule is one of them. Throughout the past years, the Sugar Mill Pond student body was able to be exempt from their class final if they had a 95 or above in the class. This year, the seniors are allowed to be exempt from midterms and finals, but they are required to have zero unexcused absences and four excused absences. Should the exemption rule apply to seniors? When it comes to being a senior, you have a lot of responsibilities to take on. For example, applying for college and scholarships and getting everything ready for graduation, while still trying to make good grades. How can one be excused only four times while taking time to tour colleges? Sometimes colleges aren’t open on breaks, which brings the student to tour during the school year. Seniors should be able to tour colleges without it going towards absences. If we are still making up the work, why should the exemption rule apply to us?  

In addition, we have been sheltered and haven’t experienced what college would feel like. If seniors were able to cut out electives and go home for AAA and off periods, it would be an easier transition from high school to college. Abby Hall and Lanie Pitre who are current seniors believe this should happen as well. Abby says, “with the extra free time I would have, I would learn how to use  my time responsibly as I would have to do that in college.” Lanie adds, “as seniors we all have a lot of pressure and responsibilities. Stress is excessively present in our lives. I believe we should have more free time to deal with it and provide time to help our mental health.” If given these opportunities, seniors have the chance to set themselves up for life after high school.