Self Care in the Third Quarter Slump


I usually try to write these articles on something that everyone can relate to, and I think right now we can all relate to being extremely busy. We’ve reached the part of the year when I think everyone starts to go a little crazy. We’re in the longest part of the school year without breaks, which can be really intense for some people. It’s the part of the year when the number of assignments shoot through the roof, tests become unusually hard, and grades start to drop drastically. Some people call it the “third quarter slump”, but if you ask me, it’s not a slump at all. It’s the busiest time of the year when people have to start working harder than ever in order to save their grades. 


On top of school, there are multiple sports seasons ending at this time, which means more practices and high-intensity level games and tournaments. It’s also the time when the school play is in the last leg of rehearsals and the choir is getting ready for spring performances. There are even things outside of school that people are doing that take up more time, and that isn’t even counting trying to keep up with a social life. The average schedule of a high school student, especially those who can drive goes a little something like going to school, then an afternoon made up of going to work, doing homework and studying, extra curricular activities, and possibly seeing friends. Then your day is over and there’s no time left for yourself. 


No one really thinks to take time for themselves in this part of the year, and even those who do probably just think they don’t have time to. When asked about if they have time for themselves, Seniors Maddy Krampe and Sophie Sierveld said, “At this point, the teachers have been giving us so much work that I think it’s even hard for them to keep up.” and “I’ve been laying in my bed for a year. A whole year, and I still feel busy all the time.” 


Even though we’re all so busy right now and it always feels like you have no time to take for yourself, that should be one of the top priorities for people. What I’ve learned while being quarantined is that even if you can find just a few minutes of time to take for yourself, it can make your entire day better. Personally, I’ve been starting off every day by taking a few minutes right after I wake up to just be with my thoughts instead of getting on my phone right away. Then, once I sit at my desk for school, I write myself a note to get my day started and tell myself my affirmations, “I am trying, I am capable”.

These little things I do for myself in the mornings help me to feel prepared for my entire day and they remind me that I can always have myself to lean on. They open my day with a positive reminder that when I’m feeling swamped with school work or having to rush across town to the next thing on my schedule that I’m still a human being, not a machine. 


We are called human beings, not human doings. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true! Whenever you can, whether it be in between classes, driving somewhere, or even just right after you wake up in the morning, take time to just be. We don’t have to be doing something all the time, even in busy seasons like this one. So take a few deep breaths and be kind to yourself today, you deserve it.