Masks: Love or Hate Them?


Photo Credit: Claudia Jones

As we approach our second week of school, things at Ascension could not be any more different. Whilst I think everyone could agree that it is a miracle we are back, the biggest controversy about the return to school is masks –those annoying pieces of cloth you must wear on your face at all times from 8am to 3pm. The different reasons behind why people hate them vary, but it can generally be said that masks are not a favorite of most students. What a better way to get a consensus about these notorious face shields than by asking people around campus about their opinion on this item that was foreign to almost all of us before this crazy pandemic occurred and changed us all.

While everyone can agree that they are annoying, almost everyone can agree that they are good for our protection and a worthy sacrifice in order to be able to go to school. Senior Ashtyn Raxsdale says “they are annoying, but it is helping us to have an actual senior year.” Another senior Ashley Gill says “I think they are very good for our protection, but it makes it hard to concentrate and to breathe.” Some students do not even agree that there is a positive aspect to wearing masks. Junior Gracie Babineaux says “I understand that they are a necessity, but I don’t like them at all, and I’m ready for phase 4.”

Overall, even though almost everyone can agree that masks are an inconvenience and extremely uncomfortable, the most common response to masks is that they are a necessity for everyday life in order to continue going to school and being able to finish our school year strong. We are all very blessed to be back at school and could not be happier to continue our daily life activities. Wear your mask and socially distance!