Post-Homecoming Blues


It is the week after homecoming and all the chaos is starting to die down. Last week we had a very eventful week here at Ascension. We had dress up themes for each day of the week and activities each day during community time. With all the homecoming festivities and school work that last week had in store, everything was very hectic. However, all those hectic things are what made the week fun! 

Now let’s get into talking about the week after homecoming. The week after homecoming is always a struggle for students. Students tend to not want to do their schoolwork, and tend to be tired a lot. One of the reasons this happens is because of the long nights during homecoming week/weekend. The week of homecoming students are full of energy and excitement for the homecoming events during the week and the homecoming dance. When all of these exciting things come to an end, the energy of the students comes to an end as well.

Lastly, the long nights of homecoming week/weekend are fun but tiring. These long nights include Junior-Senior War, homecoming pep rally, homecoming game, and the homecoming dance. We all know after all these events, it’s hard to get back into the swing of things. Though I don’t recommend this for everyone, chugging a Bang during first hour always wakes me up after the long nights of Junior-Senior War. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, it’s always a good idea to take advantage of any AAA or down time you may have. And don’t tell Dardar I told yall this, but the sofas in the library and chairs in the loft are perfect for naps.