Juniors vs. Seniors: Homecoming Tradition


Homecoming is a week of excitement. It is an event that all of Ascension looks forward to and spends weeks preparing for to make it a memorable time. The most exciting event for most upperclassmen is the Junior-Senior War. The notorious Junior-Senior War is a tradition that takes place Homecoming week and is a clash of pranks to see which of the two can out-terrorize the other. The objective is to “hit” the opposing grade’s house with toilet paper, spraying the yard and driveway with shaving cream, and creatively coming up with as many reckless ideas as possible. Many of the students play defense, waiting to ambush the opposing grade as soon as the first roll is thrown. This year’s juniors and seniors are being relentless in the battle against each other and are keeping an optimistic mindset by saying “let the games begin!”

This past Sunday night, the seniors waited until the clock struck twelve to “hit” the juniors houses. The seniors were separated into multiple cars and went to different houses in order to use their time and materials effectively. Many of the juniors’ stayed awake so that they could defend themselves, such as junior Will Kerstetter and his friends, who waited for the seniors on top of his roof with paintball guns and lawn chairs. They also kept a baby alligator on a leash in his front yard… I’d call that Gator pride. The following day, the junior class “hit” the seniors houses. The trend will continue on until the end of Homecoming week with the juniors and seniors battle for superiority. For students, it is a way of creating memories and class spirit. The memories we gain with our classmates from these high school years outweigh the time it takes to clean our houses and the lack of rest.