End of Quarter Chaos

pic creds: me

pic creds: me

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As you all know, the first quarter is coming to an end, and students are really going through it, to say the very least. It seems as though every time a quarter comes to an end, students are assigned loads of homework, last minute tests, projects, and essays so that their teachers can reach their point quota for the quarter. I am not quite sure what it is about the first quarter, but it seems to be have the most chaotic ending out of all the quarters. Teachers love to assign last minute due dates before the end of a quarter. Senior Janai Stevens says, “I feel like my teachers all had a meeting and planned to assign work all at the same time just to make me struggle.” Many students would agree with Janai about the chaos that the end of the first quarter causes. 

On top of the loads of assignments, seniors are also facing college applications. Alyssa Wilson, a fellow stressed senior, described how she was feeling about school this week by saying, “I am currently in the middle of applying to college and I have a different essay to write per university I apply to. This is all on top of the copious amounts of last minute assignments that teachers are assigning me. To say I am stressed would be a gross understatement.”  I believe that most seniors can agree with Alyssa and feel as if they are drowning in an immense amount of work. This first quarter of multi-tasking college applications with class assignments has undoubtedly been an adjustment and a struggle for the seniors. Teachers, if you are reading this, please help us out and give us a heads up on assignments, perhaps extra credit if you are feeling so inclined.


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