Jordan Berube, Staff Writer

As we finish up the first semester, hopefully alive and not failing, we will be receiving a midterm from most classes, and this test will contain the knowledge and remembrance of the information that was taught to us in the last 5 months. It’s crazy to think that 5 months have already passed by and Christmas break and the new year is right around the corner. YAY. I think we all need a good long break. But before break comes, we still have to go through torture from our teachers and take the midterm. For some, they still have multiple projects, test, and quizzes. Junior Macy Johnson says, “I have two tests, two projects, as well as the need to study for midterms, all packed in one week… I want to die”. The stress that some are having is contemptible and there needs to be an end to this.

For the little minions on campus, aka the 8th graders, this is their first time taking a midterm at the high school. The stress they are receiving from their parents and teachers can hard at times. It’s okay, in high school, once you give up, the teachers give up too. There will still be that one kid that will still be stressed since they have to live up to the expectations from the past 8th grades (the high schooler now). Don’t stress little minion, just study a little and get out of the way of the high schoolers, and you should do just fine.

As for us, we have been through midterms and finals and have an idea of what to expect. But this still does not take the pressure off of us, because this test could make or break some of our grades. The stress of trying to finish many projects and study guides has really gotten to some. So I’ve asked the question, “On a scale of 1-10 (1 being good, 10 being a mess) how mentally stable are you right now being that finals are coming up?” to some of our students and just to see how bad the stress can get. Senior Hailey Young says, “3 but everyone I know is a 6+”. Senior Elise Juneau follows up, saying, “7 is because I only have 2 left”. Lastly, when I asked junior Alyssa Wilson, she says, “Did the FBI agent in my phone that just saw me have my 10th mental breakdown of the day put you up to this???”  followed up with “I’d say 9.5 because I’m optimistic” so if that doesn’t tell you how stress students are I don’t know what will. But all must come to an end and the finals will be over soon so we can say goodbye to our over-caffeinated, sleep deprived, mentally unsteady self, and hello to Christmas Break.