Ascension Holiday Gift Guide: Teenage Boys


As Christmas Day is near, parents begin to stress over what to get for their kids for Christmas and friends stressing about gifts for friends. We all need the help to provide the “perfect” gift for that special friend or kid, which nothing better than a quick Christmas guide for the boys to relieve that agonizing cloud of stress and whirlpool of thoughts in your head. Boys may seem to be less picky than girls at times, but this is not true one bit if you get down to the hearts of each one. It can actually be really difficult to choose a meaningful gift for your son or friend. So, The Authored Ascension is here to give you a little help.

For the Athlete:

A huge amount of boys fall in love with sports at a young age and continue to hold that passion dearly for years and years. The crazy people who love to run are always open to a new pair of running shoes. Get that football fanatic a team jersey of their favorite player from the Saints or maybe it’s the Falcons…. Get that tennis player a new racket or a new outfit to play in! Baseball’s players are always in need of a new pair of batting gloves and tickets to a baseball game are never a bad idea. Those golfers out there are typically drawn Golfball’, which you can easily tend to their love for golf with a gift card or even a trip to XGolf that can allow for them to share their gift with others.

For the Shoe Lover:

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes, always a bit of a pricey gift and a tad hard to pick the pair that you believe is best fit for whomever you are buying them for, but even the smallest amount of discount towards a pair of shoes helps them out. A simple gift card to Stadium Goods, Flight Club, or even a visa card is perfect way to supply your shoe lover with their dream shoe. For those sneaker-heads, a person stepping on your shoes is harder to see than Chick-fil-A closed on Sunday. Get them a some shoe cleaner, which is a must have for a true shoe lover to keep those all white shoes clean. 

For the Gamer:

Now this one tends to never be to difficult to decide on as sales and bundles are going on all throughout the holidays to help people pay for the new and upcoming games. Find the hottest games on the market during this holiday and see what’s poppin’ and what everybody is playing before making a decision. Whether they are typically sports gamers, action gamers, or maybe you don’t even know what they like to play, a game is a game to any gamer and they will always find a way to enjoy whatever game they are playing! A new set of controllers for their console can be a easy gift to find as well as within an everyday budget. On a more pricey side of things, a new PS4 or Xbox is an extreme surprise to every gamer on Christmas. 

For the Outdoorsman:

The typical outdoorsmen tends to believe that there are three main things to life, which are Hunting, fishing, and camping. Get him a new coat for the cold hunting mornings, maybe a thermos to keep his coffee warm out in the blind, or maybe a new pair of boots to walk through the mud! A fishing rod with some new hooks and fishing lures is a perfect gift for the fishers. A bass fishing trip is for sure a site to see on that crazed fisher when their reeling in some ten pound bass one after another.! A pocket knife  or some hiking gear is something every outdoorsmen needs. 

For the Stylish Guy:

The easiest of them all, The Fashionista, which gift cards to any and every store is a dream of their perfect gift. If you are feeling extra crazy, take them on a quick shopping spree to the mall! Take them on a trip to New York to check out all the designer stores, which is something any person with style would loved to do.