Spreak 2k17

You are probably wondering what that weird word in the title means, but do not worry because I will put meaning to it for you. “Spreak” is an epic combination of two highly valued words to upper classmen in high school and virtually all college students. What might these two words be? Well, the two words are SPRING and BREAK! Yes, that is right, spring break ladies and gentlemen. This week long adventure is the host of unforgettable memories, great times with friends, and a much needed break in order to come back and finish off the academic year.

For the stereotypical student, “spreak” consists of one constant object . . . sand. Once school lets out, crowds flock to the beaches near and far to relax in the sand and forget about the stress of class. For seniors, “spreak” literally marks the final stretch of their journey called high school. They come back to class with less than one week to go, and feel more euphoric than ever. “Spreak” is upon us, and I could not be happier!