Girls, Get To Askin’!

Girls, Get To Askin!

The Sadie Hawkins Dance is this Friday from 8-10:30.

The dance was named after the Li’l Abner comic strip character Sadie Hawkins. In the comic strip, Sadie Hawkins Day was on a day in November when unmarried women of Dogpatch got to chase bachelors and be “married up” with the ones they caught.

So, the U.S. and Canada popularized this concept by establishing this dance event in which a woman asks a man of her choosing, holding a similarity to the comic strip, yet not so severe. The first Sadie Hawkins Dance was held on November 9, 1938 and within a year, hundreds of similar events followed. The Sadie Hawkins Dance actually became a woman-empowering rite at high schools and college campuses, and this traditional dance still continues in the American cultures.

So, girls, how are you going to ask?

Here are some ideas for you.

1. The way to a guy’s heart is his stomach. So, ask the question through a pizza, cookie cake, or anything else that involves the consumption of food. I’ll guarantee he’ll love it and say yes.

2. Send him on a scavenger hunt! Well, if you feel like he’s a guy who will actually do it. Send him around the city, or even around a house. Let him work for his invite; he’s going with an awesome girl anyways!

3. Write a cute invite on a poster, and surprise him with it.

4. This is a little much, but it is cute; cover his car with post-it notes with “Sadie?” on them.

5. Make a CD. The first letter of each of the titles will spell out “Sadie”.

6. At the end of the day, guys are into simplicity. Simply ask him, and I bet he will say yes.

Now that you have the asking down, what are you going to wear? The theme this year is “Decades”, which is all the decades including 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and so on. That means that you and your date can dress in whatever decade you would like! I will throw out some ideas to get your mind flowing.

1. You can dress up like the “Roaring Twenties”, where girls with short bobs wear trimmed, long fringe dresses and feather boas. To top off the look, girls strap on a headband with plumes, oh, and red lipstick! For guys, a pinstripe or soot suit with a fedora should do the trick. The Great Gatsby movie is a solid representation of these decade fashionistas.

2. Here’s a 60s decade idea. By the end of that decade, the peace movement had taken over the world of fashion. So with peace comes hippies, who introduced very long hair, bead necklaces, loose flowing clothing, sandals, and face paintings with a flower or peace symbol, or both! To really complete this look, carry flowers to hand out. The Beatles would be all over it.

3. The 1980s fashion had a strong emphasis of expensive dressing and fashion accessories. The style is overly bright and vivid. Shiny costume jewelry of large faux-gold earrings, pearl necklaces, and clothing covered in sequins were the trend. Also, because of that 1960 hippie movement, punk fashion began as a reaction. The makeup is bright and highly noticeable, pretty much obnoxious.

So, with your date and awesome outfit, have a GREAT time!!