Can We Rally the Pep?

Can We Rally the Pep?

Pep rallies are supposed to be a joyous time filled with excitement and pride for your school. “Supposed to be” is the key phrase. This year’s first academic pep rally is just one of many examples of what a pep rally should not look like.

The academic pep rally’s purpose was to honor the students who’d achieved headmaster or honor roll list the previous year. There was a hilarious teacher-versus-student trivia game, and new students were initiated into their houses. Cheerleaders cheered, the dance team danced, and the school band rocked. So what’s the problem? Maybe the fact that the 200 students sitting in the bleachers could have not been there and it would have made just as much noise.

I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but we go to a really awesome school, and a lot of people aren’t as privileged as you. What other high school has Smoothie King on Fridays, pizza fundraisers, No Shave November contests, teacher dodgeball games, and an actual snack time? This is a school to be proud of, so why can’t we show it? Those people performing for you on the gym floor are so brave for facing your empty stares. They work hard to get some kind of reaction out of you, and you give them nothing in return. Don’t just sit there while the dance team performs as if you’re being lectured on the history of dirt. Yell! Cheer! Clap! Act as crazy as you want! Please, for the love of all that you hold dear, do something.

The senior class, I don’t want to point any fingers, but you are setting an example to every grade below you. What do you think the underclassmen will do when they see that the “big kids” are not participating? They are going to follow in your footsteps and become just as unresponsive about everything as you have. I don’t know who told you that you’re too cool for school, because you’re not. You go to a great school, and no one will think less of you if you drop the apathetic act and get excited about something every once in a while. If this were an LSU game, you all would be screaming your heads off in support, so why is this school any different?

Bond over the love for your school because you only have one that you graduate from. It is the place where you meet lifelong friends, have the most drama you will ever need, where you find your passion and yourself, and it is your future alma mater, so have pride for it. Without pride there is no unity, and without unity we’re just like any other regular school.