Students Should Keep Campus Pride in Mind

Students Should Keep Campus Pride in Mind

According to the administration of our Upper School community, our campus should be cleaner than it appears sometimes.

As students at the SMP campus, we have the privilege of having food inside of the building during school hours. It was told to the student body that if we cannot pick up after others and ourselves, our privilege of having food in the building will be stripped from us, and our building will become “food-free”.

When asked if this punishment is considered “the good suffering for the evil,” Mrs. Renard responded, “You could say that.  Unfortunately, that’s a fact of life.  It’s not really a “punishment” as much as a loss of a privilege.”

As a member of our AES community, we should all take responsibility for each others’ actions and help each other out. For example, after lunch, if you see that someone forgot to throw something away from their lunch, remind them to pick up after themselves instead of the cleaners for the day having to pick up after them.

We should remember that there are a few areas that need special attention when it comes to keeping clean. When asked what are the specific places that need extra attention, Mrs. Renard replied, “Library, locker area, and we need to continue making sure everyone picks up after themselves at lunch.”