Online Books Beat Busted Backpacks

Online Books Beat Busted Backpacks

Online books would make these backpacks obsolete.

This morning the shoulder strap on my backpack broke; the reason being three text books two notebooks and a binder.

I have too many books to carry around each day. This is a problem that I (and other students) have every day. Every school day, I have to bring home at least three text books, as well as two notebooks, two binders, and whatever book we are reading in English.

Most days my backpack is full to the point that I have to carry some of my books to the car after school. I know it sounds like I’m complaining, but I cannot be the only student with this problem! I see people who have resorted to bringing what look like small suitcases to school to carry around all of their books!

But don’t worry, because I have a solution. Online books. I personally believe that online books would be unbelievably helpful and beneficial to all students at the AES Upper School.

This year, my physics class signed up for the online textbook, and it has been one of my biggest saviors. Any day that I have homework, I can leave my textbook at school and easily log onto the online textbook and do all of my homework and reading from my computer.

As a school, I propose that we push for online books for all of our classes. Imagine not having to worry about not bringing the right books home or having to carry around all of your textbooks all the time. Every time you needed a book for homework, you could leave it at school and log on to your computer at home to do all of your homework and studying.

Although my main point about online textbooks is to save me from dragging around a textbook from every class, there are countless other great reasons to convert to online books.

For all you “green” students out there who want to protect the environment and promote a greener lifestyle, switching to online books would reduce the amount of paper needed to give each student a textbook. Or for you forgetful students who often leave your books at school or lose them, you would never have to worry about failing a test because you cannot find your book. You would have your books anywhere you could reach a computer. And lastly for those students who travel a lot and don’t want to have to bring your backpack on a plane or in the car. You could bring your laptop or use a computer to access books for all of your classes and never have to bring them with you.

These are just some of the hundreds of reasons to switch to online textbooks. If you feel the same, then join with me and voice your opinion. Let’s work as a school to move toward online textbooks and away from the large, heavy, unnecessary textbooks.