Hydrogen Powers Our Stars-Why Not Our Cars?

Hydrogen Powers Our Stars-Why Not Our Cars?

Dependence on oil puts us at risk.

When two countries go to war, often other countries are subsequently dragged into the war because of alliances. Many times cultural and economic common interests lead to alliances forming between nations. Found at the heart on whether or not to issue sanctions, become allies, go to war, and make many other decisions is unfortunately OIL.

Oil is money and money talks.

Even a group of New Orleans rappers including Birdman know where the money is. They have actually gone as far as to start their own oil company- I’m not joking.

When I say oil, I mean gasoline. We all use it- everyday by commuting to and from work/ school. President Bush said, “Money is the lifeblood of terrorist operations.”  He’s talking about our money — and every other American’s money! Why do we fund our enemy? The logical solution to the risks and terror funding is an alternative (nuclear, hydrogen, natural gas, wind, solar), green energy.

Liberal groups tend to support green energy. Well, green energy isn’t really smart and efficient energy yet (which, by the way, I think we should be looking for smart, efficient energies not just anything other than oil. I mean, c’mon, the absurdity of some calling for wind turbines on cars—nobody is going to buy that).

Conservatives typically turn a blind eye towards “green” energy. TV personalities such as Sean Hannity seem to play along with idea but not take it seriously. But why not? Economics are more important than politics. Let’s look at, say, an America that runs on hydrogen cars. We may then be able to do as Washington suggested, “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world…”

Because we will have essentially freed ourselves and country from oil over-dependency, we will not only have truer independence and control over our own destiny, we’ll stop funding the middle east- the very people who threaten our existence often (for you over politically correct people: no I’m no saying everyone in the middle east wants to destroy America, but when there are 300 million Muslims in the middle east with 10 percent of them being extremists, political correctness takes the back seat to the truth). We could return to a form of isolationism, which worked pretty well for US (pun) when it was practiced.

Paying (directly- middle eastern oil companies- indirectly- terrorist organizations) at the pump is expensive and is a main reason why so many dollars are going overseas instead of staying here; that hurts our economy badly.

Imagine having hydrogen pumps instead. Hydrogen is the must abundant element. Hydrogen is estimated to make up more than 90 percent of all the atoms — three quarters of the mass of the universe! This element is found in the stars, and plays an important part in powering the universe through both the proton-proton reaction and carbon-nitrogen cycle (I don’t know what that means; it’s important). Hydrogen powers our stars, so why not our cars?