Mardi Gras with a Covid Twist

Mardi Gras with a Covid Twist

If you live in Louisiana you know that Mardi Gras is one of the best times of the year. It is a season celebrated from January to February with many dressed up nights attending balls, fun costumes, parades with big floats, music, and of course good southern food. Senior Grace Morgan says, “I will definitely be eating lots of great food like crawfish over the break.” Mardi Gras refers to the Tuesday before lent called Fat Tuesday. Louisiana kids especially love it because we get a whole week off of school. With Covid-19 still around Mardi Gras festivities were sadly cancelled this year. Even though things are looking a little different this year here are 4 ways that you can spend your Mardi Gras:  

King Cake Test Tasting

If you are finding yourself with nothing to do, grab some friends and go around town and taste test king cakes. There are so many places around Lafayette that sell king cakes and they come so many ways. Senior Claudia Jones says, “My favorite king cake is the cream cheese flavor from Kellers.” From donut king cakes to original and so many filling flavors in between. If you love sweets this is definitely the activity for you!

Decorated Float Houses

With there being no fun decorated floats this year many people are decorating their houses. Grab some more friends, hop in the car, and go around towns in Louisiana looking at decorated homes. New Orleans would definitely be a fun place to go look at historically decorated homes. Hopefully this activity will bring some fun excitement to your holiday!

Virtual Events

Many people are still hosting virtual events this year! An exciting and cute event that is still happening virtually is the dog parade. Research the dog parade and you can enter your dog dressed up in Mardi Gras costumes while donating money to a great cause. You can find many events with a quick google search. 

Spend Time With Family and Friends

Holidays can always be a busy time, but this year is looking much different. While you have time off don’t forget to spend time with the people you love. This year has been so crazy so take time to slow down and have fun with your people. If you can’t see them in person you can always give them a call!

Hopefully these 4 ideas will give you something to do over your week off. I know this year is much different and in person Mardi Gras events will be missed. Don’t worry, we will make up for it next year!