Choir Takes a Detour


During this unique school year, we have all had to adapt to necessary changes-Ascension’s choir most of all. Due to the current pandemic, the Louisiana Department of Education has mandated that all schools must wait until Phase 3 before they may resume singing in a school setting, which has impacted our choir a great deal. Mr. Sanford, SMP’s musical director, has gone to great lengths to continue to teach useful musical skills and expand his students’ horizons. 

In the past weeks, choir class has consisted of many new activities to expand students’ knowledge without singing. Mr. Sanford has planned many educational activities, including games to identify famous songs and artists, assignments to learn how to identify the structure of a song, and daily piano or guitar lessons. Choir student Emme Pagelsen said, “It’s hard to not be able to do the thing that makes your day a little better, but it is fun to be learning something new.”

When asked to comment, Mr. Sanford said, “I understand the necessity of the circumstance.  I’m really hopeful that we will be able to resume singing sooner than later. I take a great deal of pride in what our choir accomplishes each year. The talent at our school and the music we accomplish is unlike anything I’ve experienced elsewhere. I am a teacher and a musician…creating music with my students is an incredibly fulfilling part of my life. I want you guys singing!” Though this year has been challenging so far, Mr. Sanford has done a great job adapting to the requirements and procedures, while still making choir fun and educational.