Prep to Prom 2020


This year for our senior prom, the theme is Roaring 20’s! This dance will be held on Saturday April 4th 8-11pm at The Madison in Broussard. It will be $25 per person to get into the dance and the doors will be closing at 8:30. 

To get prepared for this dance, girls will usually buy a long formal dress, get spray tans, get their nails done, and maybe even take the ACT! Claudia Jones says “I’m super excited to go to prom because I get to buy all new jewelry!”  Juniors can wear any color long dress, except white. Seniors will normally wear a white long formal dress. This year the senior girls have talked about not wearing white dresses to stand out and go a little out of their comfort zone. Ava Breaux says, “I think I’ll be wearing a dress that isn’t white this year.” 

There is always super delicious food and a great DJ. Ascension prom is not like other schools, everyone dances until their fake eyelashes are falling off. They also have a cute photo booth to take pictures and keep for memories. The boys usually wear a tux or a suit, button down shirt, and a tie with nice dress shoes. If the guys want to stand out, sometimes they will wear a crazy suit. This is going to be the last dance of the year, so I recommend everyone attending.