Why You Should Join Theater


I’m sure you’re familiar with some musical productions such as Wicked, The Lion King, and Mama Mia. Even if you haven’t seen one, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard they’re all amazing. You may have also listened to the song “Defying Gravity,” which is from Wicked. However, what people aren’t so familiar with is the rigorous process behind each of these musicals that makes them look so amazing. Luckily for us, Ascension offers theater classes, musicals, and plays that allow us to take a look behind the scenes and participate in the marvelous activities that theater entails.

Although it’s time consuming, it’s incredibly fun!

Theater is a very large part of my life. I participate in Ascension’s musicals and theater classes as well as another organization called Christian Youth Theater (CYT). These things are such a massive part of my life that I dedicate on average five out of seven days of my weeks to them. It’s something I look forward to doing all the time because there is always something exciting going on. Sometimes we’re learning a dance, or maybe we’re singing through a new song, or just doing improv. Either way, we’re always on our feet and making some type of progress. I’m up late sometimes doing homework, but it is definitely worth it because I enjoy the activities so much. In fact, I ended up enjoying improv so much, that I started competing on a national level for CYT Lafayette! Look out, San Diego! If you’re somewhat interested in doing a musical or just joining the theater class, you definitely should! It’s worth it.

You can meet great people and find your character!

Since I started doing theater, I’ve met so many people that I am proud to call some of my best friends. Everyone that I’ve met has their own very unique personality and their own way of playing their part in our productions. You might bring something like that out in yourself by joining theater! There are so many opportunities to play different characters and become someone totally new. Maybe you could even apply some of the characteristics that you like from certain characters into your own life and see what happens! It can also influence you in different ways. Theater has actually helped me get really close to God because in CYT there is a very Godly atmosphere and I feel very connected to Him and everyone else around me, especially when we are singing songs. Theater has really helped me to connect with others in a way that I never imagined I could.

There’s a reason why you’ll want to keep coming back show after show.

I’ve been doing theater throughout my high school years. I first joined eighth grade year when Ms. Kallie Broussard, our former theater teacher, encouraged me to join the upcoming musical, Addams Family. It’s been one of my favorite classes and activities ever since! Although the shows can be grueling at times, you’ll always want to come back for more because it’s such a thrilling and amazing experience. I interviewed our current theater teacher, Mr. McClymont about his experience since he’s been part of the game for so long. When I asked him about how he got into theater, he said that he just kept doing it and he loved it so much that he got a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in performance! He said that the reason why he loves it so much is because “it is an opportunity to work together as a team to build something great.” Another thing that he said that I found very inspiring and accurate was “Theater is almost like a reflection of life, the more you do, the better you are at living life fully.” I think the reason I keep coming back and doing more shows is because of that exact reason. It’s also the reason you should consider joining as well! Who knew theater could be so useful?