Wait!? Did You Say Chest Hair?!


A new tradition has started this year at Ascension and that is chest hair volleyball! This is a tradition that Mr. Sorrell had at his old school and wanted to start this idea at Ascension. So, each grade rounded up a group of their guys going in to crush their competition. During each week, certain grades played against each other and the two winning teams advanced to the next round. The last grade standing would be deemed the 2020 Chest Hair Volleyball Ultimate Champion with the reward of Gator points. 

During the first week of the tournament, 8th grade played the freshman and sophomores played juniors. Turns out the results of these games would lead to the freshman and Sophomore winning, placing the 8th graders and juniors fighting for 4th and 5th place. Continuing the chest hair volleyball tournament, 9th grade played the seniors and 8th grade played juniors. The freshman ended up winning this game and the 8th graders lost to the juniors. The next week  brought the championship round, where 9th grade played 10th grade. The sophomores won and became the ultimate champion of the 2020 chest hair volleyball tournament.

The sophomores deserved to win the championship because of their teamwork and nonstop effort displayed on the court. Sophomore Britt Campbell, who was part of the champion team, said that “the hard work and dedication [he] put into this team was shown during [his] body dive for the ball.” Although the freshman did put up a fight to be the ultimate champion, they just couldn’t top sophomores energy and talent. Playing against the sophomores, freshman Blaize Blanchar said, “it was cool to be on the court with my friends playing an excellent game of volleyball.” The seniors only got to play one game against the freshman, which ended in senior defeat. Asking senior Christian Matherne about how he felt after the seniors losing he said, “the seniors got totally robbed and everybody else cheated.”