Red Ribbon Week


This week was Red Ribbon Week! Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol and drug prevention awareness campaign. Here at Ascension we have Red Ribbon Week every year, put on by SADD. This encourages everyone to be aware and stay away from the harmful things, like drugs and alcohol. Red Ribbon Week is just more than trying to prevent you from drinking alcohol or doing drugs. This is also a week trying to prevent you from not wearing a seatbelt, drunk driving, and texting and driving. Senior Janai Stevens says, “I think it is so awesome how we are bringing awareness to the types of destructive things that people do.”

At Ascension, SADD always does an amazing job of putting on Red Ribbon Week! Posters with sayings are hung all throughout the school. On Monday, everyone had an opportunity to sign a poster that said, “Send a message. Stay drug free”, which is the national Red Ribbon Week theme. Everyone who signed the poster received a bracelet that says, “hugs not drugs.” On Tuesday, SADD sold Coke floats, saying, “Don’t do Coke, drink Coke floats”. They also did a Click it or Ticket campaign. Click It or Ticket is when SADD members stand outside before school and watch for speeding, texting while driving, or not wearing a seatbelt. If you are not speeding, are not texting while driving, and have your seatbelt on, you will be handed candy. This is a way that encourages people not to do any of these things. On Wednesday, everyone was allowed to wear a red shirt and got Chick Fil A nuggets at break. The red shirts were a way to display the red all over our school, and the nuggets were generously donated by Chick Fil A. Senior Hannah Gaspard says, “It’s cool to see all the activities we do during the week and how all of it is helping us not to make poor decisions.” Red Ribbon Week is always an important and eventful week that is put on!