The Literary Magazine: The Blueprint

Many writers are hidden. They are hidden within the walls of Ascension not being noticed, choosing not to be noticed, or not even realizing they have a niche for writing. Seniors Emma Guidry and Alyssa Willson, and the rest of the Creative Writing Club are pushing for all writers to join and be a part of the literary magazine called The Blueprint! This project, headed by Mrs. Sorrell, will be a year long project in which students in the Creative Writing Club and in the Ascension community who want to submit their work will be sharing their writing. The writings will be sent to Mrs. Sorrell and the Creative Writing Club officers who will select which works will be featured, and a column will be made here on The Authored Ascension for everyone to view their work. 

Alyssa and Emma, both officers of the club, believe that this is a great idea that will build confidence and writers and also help others hopefully find a true passion in writing.  Both Alyssa and Emma have a strong passion for writing and plan on incorporating writing into their future careers. Alyssa, who is also a member of Gator Jazz, is known for being independent, determined, and eloquent in everything she does. Always thinking of others, she, in her heart of hearts, believes that “there are a lot of creative talent at Ascension, but there has been very few opportunities to showcase students’ writing in the past because there is not a lot of room for creativity in English classes that follow a certain criteria and structure”. She pushes past the boundaries by presenting this idea along with her friend and project partner, Emma Guidry. Emma, who is also the Spiritual Life prefect at Ascension is widely known as being energetic, friendly, and enthusiastic at every moment and opportunity to be so. She also expresses excitement for the literary magazine because she wants to “give people a space to express their creativity and their love of writing that will open up their work the whole school to enjoy and be inspired by” because most writers tend to be the type of people who wouldn’t give chapel talks or perform at open mic night, but through this project, Alyssa, Emma, and the Creative Writing Club are giving them a space for their voices to be heard, from the comfort of an optionally anonymous website, rather than an intimidating performance space.

The Creative Writing Club hopes that The Blueprint will allow students who may not be involved in other creative activities at Ascension to be able to express their creativity through this. They want people to realize that, while writing may be enjoyed by others, the most important thing is to write for yourself first. To all of the writers, come out of hiding and be apart of something special. The Blueprint will be up in the following two weeks! If you have any questions, email Alyssa Wilson([email protected])  or Emma Guidry([email protected]).