Glow Crazy! Glow Stupid!


Image Credit: Hannah Gaspard

Imagine this. You and your friends are dressed like a neon Madonna while going to town on some Chick-Fil-A platters in the gym foyer. You hear the DJ play the Ascension classic “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” and sprint to the dance floor. Sound familiar? This was probably you at this year’s Glow Back to School Dance.

On Friday, August 16th, was Ascension’s annual Back to School Dance. The gym lights shut off at 8:00 PM sharp and the black light switched on, letting the festivities begin. The gym was decorated by Mrs. Robert’s leadership class, who spray-painted a black trash bag-like material with neon spray paint. With our new DJ, bigk7404 on Snapchat, not a soul could complain. Senior Faith Robinson exclaimed, “I thought the DJ played a good variety of music, and good music makes or breaks a dance. I thought the dance was a huge success!!”

The dance floor was packed as students in grades eight through twelve danced their hearts out to crowd favorites such as Kieth Frank’s “Haterz” and “Everytime We Touch” by Cascada. Towards the middle of the night, Mrs. Robert asked if she should be worried about me come hair testing, but I assured it was all-natural energy being exuded. The real party, however, was freshman Norman Brown and his sweet moves. Stormin’ Norman gets all the ladies. Change my mind.