2nd Place-Halloween Story Contest: “The Tunnel to Hell” by Cate Stevens

2nd Place-Halloween Story Contest: The Tunnel to Hell by Cate Stevens


In 1985, the Hudson family was having their annual picnic in the woods on Mount Apollyon along the trail. Children were laughing while playing on a nice sunny day in October, and the adults chatted about things adults do. The kids all decided to play a fun game of hide and seek. All the children scurried off, someone began counting down from twenty, and little Audrey Hudson, who was only six years old, ran off to find the best hiding spot. She found a large dark and mysterious tunnel to hide in. She walked inside the cryptic tube and the game began.

Hours began to pass and Audrey’s mother called for her so they could return home after a long day of family bonding. Audrey never came to her mother, nor did she answer. Her mother panicked, and the entire Hudson family divided into groups to go look for the lost little girl. The mother and Audrey’s siblings walked up towards the tunnel that she hid in, only to find a horrific sight. Audrey lay lifeless on the rim of the tunnel where the cement touched the dead grass with a large bloody handprint across her face. Her clothes were covered in blood and her family cried for the dead six year old. When Audrey’s father stepped forward to pick up his youngest daughter, a loud angry howl echoed through the tunnel causing fear in the family. The father grabbed his wife’s hand and fled for the trail home. The Hudsons swore they’d never go near the tunnel, much less go back on Mount Apollyon ever again.

Thirty years later, a group of sorority girls took a camping trip up to Mount Apollyon for an initiation night. The senior girls had the craziest idea to get the three freshmen to step foot in the tunnel, and the farthest one inside will get the best bedroom in the house. One of the freshmen girls bailed out, so the other two grabbed flashlights, stepped out the tent, and walked towards the covered abyss. The two girls came up to the entrance, pointing their flashlights down the dark tunnel when one of the girls stepped on something that made a cracking noise under her fuzzy slippers. Under her foot was a small child’s skull that had now been crushed into small parts. Both girls screamed loudly and jumped back from the decomposed head. The girls froze as the echo of their screams continued through the tunnel, seeming not to stop. One girl threw in the towel and ran back to the campsite in fear. The final girl became curious, so she stepped over the broken skull and stepped up onto the cement floor of the tunnel. A surge of wind blew through the tunnel causing goose bumps to show on the girl’s arms. The chilliness of the tunnel air made the girl consider turning back instead of freezing to death, but little did she know freezing was not going to be the cause of her death.

Back at the campsite, the girl that ran back second arrived at the tent panting. The senior girls asked about the last girl and where she was. No one knew the answer so they decided to go look for her. They walked up to the tunnel once again and looked inside. The channel to hell looked empty, except for water dripping from the walls and dust along the floors. The tunnel made whispering sounds that moved swiftly through the wind. A droplet of water fell onto one of the senior girl’s faces from above her. She wiped her face only to find thick red blood across her hand. The other girls screamed and ran away, leaving the one girl with blood smeared across her face alone. The senior pointed her flashlight up where the blood came from. The last freshman girl’s head was hanging by her hair on the ceiling of the tunnel with writing on the wall written in her blood which said…

The ones who are curious will seek and tell;

But no one shall survive in the tunnel to hell.