Movie Review: Zero Dark 30

Movie Review: Zero Dark 30

Zero Dark 30 is a thrilling, action-packed movie that hooks you with in the first minutes. This movie shows you what happened in the days and years after 9/11 in the Middle East. It is staring Joel Edgerton, Jason Clarke, and Jessica Chastain. In the opening minutes it goes back to some dialogue from 9/11. A woman in one of the recordings is stuck in a Twin Tower wanting help from an emergency worker. The phone goes dead and the worker cries, “Oh my God.”

When the movie begins, it is in Afghanistan with Dan (Jason Clarke) in a room with a captive terrorist,  pretty much torturing him for information about the next attack. Dan is the man in the first half of the movie who took control of everything and did not care who was in his way. 

Jessica Chastain, as Maya, was recruited into the CIA right out of high school and was sent to Afghanistan to help with the search for bin Laden. After a few years Dan decided to go back to the U.S., so Maya took over the search. 

After 10 years Maya believes 100 percent that she has found the house that bin Laden has been living and hiding in. Maya cannot prove that he in the house because she has not seen him in any pictures that the CIA has, but she has a gut feeling.

Finally, Maya gets the president to authorize an invasion. Seal Team 6 was the Marine team that was responsible for dropping in and killing bin Laden. At first the team was not to sure about going on this mission because they had tried this once before and have lost a few men in the attempt.

The Team Goes on the mission and was successful in killing bin Laden. When the mission was done the leader of the team said the famous words “For God and country.”

I feel that this movie is and will be one of the best movies of the year. People don’t really realize what the service people who are overseas do for our country, and this movie helps show us only part of it, but it will open your eyes. I highly recommend that everyone should see this movie at some point in their lives.