Ascension’s Royalty: Senior Girls Enjoy Their Reigns as Mardi Gras Queens


Donna Chance

This year Ascension has been amongst many Mardi Gras royalty members including both maids and queens!

Miss Erin Elizabeth Patin, an AES senior, has been involved in Mardi Gras krewes out of New Orleans since she was in the third grade. She has been involved in Thoth, Iris, and this year in the Knights of Sparta as she holds the title of Queen.

She found out that she was Queen of the Knights of Sparta on her 17th birthday after having the parade she was in rained out. As Queen she has been able to attend various functions, such as luncheons and fundraisers in New Orleans, along with the coronation where she was crowned Queen.

Along with the functions she has already attended, she will attend her ball next weekend at the Pontchatrain Center in Kenner, and she will also be expected to present a speech to her king from Gallagher Hall as he passes by on his float.

“What makes this Krewe unique is that they have dancers who perform numbers that also interpret the themes that the maids portray,” said Erin. Many students and faculty members of AES have attended Erin’s coronation the tea held in her honor, and they will also be present at her ball.

“I cannot wait to walk out on that ballroom floor so that I can see the reactions on the faces of my family and friends that came out to support me during this special time in my life,” sad Erin.

Mardi Gras has always been something to special to Erin and her family, and someday after college when she is settled down she hopes to participate in krewes again.

Another AES senior who recently was crowned queen is Miss Ryan Elizabeth Gambel. This past weekend Ryan was crowned Queen of  Les Brigands. According to Ryan  it was a very exciting moment for her family and friends who attended the ball because no one had any idea she would be crowned queen.

“Yes, I was very surprised! I had no idea,” said Ryan. “The queen was picked by the board of the ball, and they picked me to honor my dad; he was really involved in Mardi Gras.”

Ryan and her family have been involved in many krewes including Gabriel, Les Brigands, and Attackapa. Ryan’s favorite memory of Mardi Gras balls was when she was just a young girl. She would attend the balls and hope that one day she would be a debutante, but she said she never expected to be queen! Ryan said that is she stays close to home for college, she would like to continue to participate in Gabriel.

This is an exciting time for members of Mardi Gras krewes, and it is likely that in the future there will be more Ascension royalty.