3rd Place Story: Room 113

Seriousness. Flashing lights. Rushing. Organized chaos. Doctors. Patients. Stretchers. Why am I here? Am okay?

In hospital room 113 stayed Joshua Hanley.

He was 17 years old and attended Franklin High School. Like every typical high school guy, Joshua’s passion was football.  His complete and utter desire was to play college football and then later join the NFL and become “rich and famous” like everyone else. Typical right.  Sadly, that plan had just been rearranged.

Joshua finally woke up in his hospital bed around 4 am on November 1. He was desperately confused about why he could be in the hospital. Trying to think of the last thing he did became impossible with all the anxiety taking over. He could not completely formulate a thought. There were scattered ideas popping up rapidly.  He looked down at his leg with complete horror and shock.

He looked around and then saw Jade. “Jade! Jade! Jade! What happened to me, man?!” Jade had an astonished look on his face, one Joshua had never seen before. Jade walked over and spoke in a daze.

“Joshua, we were outside trick or treating and just fooling around messing with people like normal, but then we did not read the warning sign. We did not read the sign, ‘Do not step foot on this yard cause you will not like it in the long run.’” Jade paused for a moment, then continued, “We didn’t think anything of it, though; we just thought it was a Halloween trick! I’m so sorry man.”

Jade still remained with blankness in his eyes. Joshua said in a panic, “W-Well what happened after we stepped on the yard?” Jade hesitated, and then went on to say, “A van came. A white van- a white van with yellow lights on top. No license plate.” Jade struggled to swallow and continued, “The driver- man, he was just so messed up. His skin was as white as I’ve ever seen before, but you can see every red and blue vein running through his nasty face. He oddly wore a red hat, that matched the veins in his face.” Joshua’s face was no longer sane, just scared.

“What- what did he do?” Joshua asked, but unknowing if he wanted the answer. Jade sadly spoke in a daze,” He grabbed you with his boney, white hands. W-We did not know what to do man! It just happened all so quickly! I’m so sorry!”

Joshua’s face contained so much fear and sadness. Jade went on to say, “He must’ve dropped you off here cause I did not know where he took off to!” Joshua said. “How did you know I was here?” Jade oddly responded, “I got a call. He called me. I just listened and came over.” Joshua was not so much at easy anymore. He was just somewhat relieved that the worse was over with and it’s done; or so he thought.

Jade went off to the food court to get a bite to eat and then he was going to come back up to check on Joshua. In the meanwhile, Joshua was going to catch up on some sleep.

About four hours later Joshua awoke. He kept looking around to see where Jade was, and where everyone was in fact, but no one was insight, no one at all. Joshua screamed for Jade, but of course no response. His eyes were racing all over the room and outside the door looking for anyone. He then unfortunately spotted something.

There, on his bedpost, hung a red hat. Joshua’s eyes increasingly became wider and his breathing became unsteady. He spotted his crutches, grabbed them, and made his way out his hospital room door in a panic. He looked outside the window and depressingly saw the white van with the yellow lights. Joshua turned the corner and there he saw the Man leaning over the counter eating an apple. A wave of terror went through Joshua’s body like a tsunami. The Man turned around with evil and gruesomeness in his eyes and said “Ahh you have finally awoken. I have been waiting for you.” Joshua still with a frozen look on his face said, “What do I have to do for you to let me go?” The Man smirked and said, “Well you see, you set foot on my yard so…” The Man then glanced at Joshua’s leg that had no foot attached to the end of it. “… I had to do accordingly. I am still not very pleased with how you went on my yard so therefore you won’t be please either. You will come with me to my home and stay in the dungeon with the rest of the kids who decided to step on my yard. And the positive thing about this is that you all will have one thing in common, one foot.” Joshua started to scream as loud as he could as the Man approached him. The Man threw Joshua in his van, where he lay next to his amputated foot and they headed off to the mysterious house. Joshua left the hospital parking lot still desperately screaming for his life.