Sew Chic: Be Daring for Homecoming

Sew Chic: Be Daring for Homecoming

Sketches Drawn by Taylor Beadle

Homecoming can be the most exciting time of the school year. The football game, spirit week, and other fun events are on the minds of the students for weeks.

For me, being a bit fashion obsessed, the single MOST important thing is the homecoming dress.

My number one piece of advice: be bold in your dress selection.  The last thing you want to do is blend in.  Make a statement and own your look. While accessorizing and fashion is key, comfort is also very important.  You will be in your dress all night, so make sure you have room to breathe and dance comfortably in it.

Also, I have come up with a few little tips for accessorizing and hair.

Conveniently, the theme for homecoming this year is vintage carnival, and vintage is ALWAYS in (in my opinion). So, if you want to keep up with the trends, maybe go with a vintage dress to correspond with the theme of the dance.

This past week was New York Fashion Week, where designers previewed their spring 2012 collections. Even though homecoming takes place in the fall, it is fun to get inspiration from the designer collections and take note of the hair trends and celebrity runway style.

Accessorizing is probably the most fun you can have with your dress. If you are planning on wearing a solid color or plain black dress, spice it up by wearing bold, flashy accessories or shoes.  Headbands and vivid hair accessories also seemed to be a trend on the runway this year.

Your hairstyle is also essential to completing the look.  Homecoming is a night to dress up and change  your every day look so, go with something different from your everyday hairstyles. Some hair trends that have been popping up in magazines and on the runway lately are, ultra volume, natural waves, braids, low ponytails, buns, and fancy headbands.

Personally, it is very easy to come up with what I want to wear in my head, but unfortunately, finding the perfect dress can be a little more difficult.

Before you set out on the fun–yet tedious– journey of shopping for the perfect dress, take the time to get an idea of what you are looking for.

Look in magazines.  You would NEVER want to go shopping with a completely blank mind.  To make the shopping experience a little less difficult, have some ideas, and you can narrow out what you absolutely do and do not want.

In prepping for your day of shopping, another thing to make sure you do not leave home without is an open mind.  Try on EVERYTHING.  Even if you are unsure about the dress, try it on. Dresses look very different on your body than they appear on the rack.

I hope this has been helpful and informative to you all.  My final piece of advice to you is that you have one night to shine; take risks.

Below I have included some of my favorite places to shop for dresses and accessories in Lafayette and the surrounding areas.

  • Vanessa V Boutique- Lafayette, LA
  • Sky Blue Clothing Studio- Lafayette, LA
  • Lemon Drop- Broussard, LA
  • Artesia- Lafayette, LA
  • Hemline- Lafayette, LA
  • Juju’s- Lafayette, LA
  • Herring Stone’s- Lafayette, LA
  • Dillard’s- Mall of Acadiana
  • Monroe’s- Breaux Bridge, LA
  • Belle Amie- Lafayette, LA
  • Vertigo Clothing- Lafayette, LA
  • Fashionista- Mall of Acadiana