Senior Spotlight: Carolina Cordova


Jillian Blackburn, Staff

Anyone who knows Carolina knows that she is full of spunk and has a heart of gold. Lina is a loyal friend, a dedicated athlete, and a hard-working student (when she wants to be). She’s quite a catch.

How long have you gone to Ascension? Lina has been a Blue Gator since the third grade – give or take a few years. I’ve heard many stories about Lina’s middle school reputation, but I can assure you that she is not the same bully that she used to be. If you’re interested in learning more about this trying time in Carolina’s life, just ask her for a story.

What is your favorite thing about Ascension? Carolina says that her favorite thing about Ascension is that everyone gets along well. She says, “I love that there are no stereotypical cliques.. like cheerleaders hangout with people in drama, football players are also in music, etc.” It is no secret that Lina loves her school, but there are some things she’d like to change. When asked what new rule or privilege she’d like to create, Lina quickly answered, “I’d want to be able to eat in the library. We do it anyway, but if it was allowed we wouldn’t have to worry as much about hiding it.” Agreed. Having to eat Cheez-Its out of your backpack can really take a toll on you.

What is your favorite “new development” on the upper campus? Many things have changed at SMP since this year’s seniors first arrived in 2013. Lina says that her favorite new development on the upper campus is the “gigantic T.V.” in the library.

What is one thing that no one knows about you? One of the best things about Lina is her energy. She’s always up for a dance party, no matter when or where. Not only is she very lively when she dances, but her moves are very interesting. Innovative, if you will. Lina is a pretty quirky individual, which is why I was not surprised by her answer to this next question. Carolina says that one thing no one knows about her is that her fingers are super flexible. She further explained that she can bend her thumb back at a 90 degree angle and “can even touch her pinky to the back of her wrist”. She’s quite talented.

What are you involved in at Ascension? When she’s not busting out her crazy moves, Lina is usually on the volleyball court. She’s played volleyball at Ascension for five years. In addition to being a star volleyball player, Lina has also played soccer for five years and done tennis and track for a year as well. This year, we are all about trying new things – like joining every sport possible. Serena Williams, watch out!

What advice would you like to give to the underclassmen? Lina’s advice to the underclassmen is this: “sometimes you just need to check out to go home and take a nap, and that’s okay.” I second this. It’s understandable if you need to take a nap on the couch in the library every once in a while. 

What are your future plans? After graduation, Lina plans on going to LSU and majoring in biomedical engineering. She hopes to go on to medical school after finishing. This girl’s got some big dreams to chase! 

To know Lina is to love her, and that we all do.