Gabbi Tremblay, Staff Writer

Ascension is all about college readiness. From touring colleges on junior trip, college meetings with Mrs. Fournet, to college reps traveling from all around that come to our school for small meetings that any grade is able to participate in. Last year on junior trip my grade went the Texas route and went to colleges such as my personal favorite University of Texas, Texas Christian University, St. Edwards University, and Southern Methodist University. Being able to tour the colleges is very helpful in deciding if that place is right for us, but it isn’t the only way that we are prepared for our college choices.

Before the juniors embark on their college trip tours, Mrs. Fournet meets with all the juniors to see where they are thinking about going to college. From there, she decides which route the grade will go on for their trip. This year, the juniors went the Texas route, just as we did.¬† Ashlee Sandridge, junior, shares her opinion of her experience: “I loved when it was late at night and me and my friends couldn’t stop laughing. I also really enjoyed St. Edwards. I hate college food – I’m going to starve or live off of the cereal they have.”

Next on the agenda of getting prepared is college meetings with Mrs. Fournet. These meetings happen once a year beginning eighth grade year, and your parents are welcome to join. Mrs. Fournet sends you a questionnaire before that she goes over during her meetings. The questions consist of what your grades are and where you plan on applying. During the meetings, after going over your grades, she sees where you plan on applying then she tells you how to get on the right track of meeting the requirements on where you have your heart set on going. She also gives you the chance to ask any questions of things you’re worried about or are not sure of. Throughout the year, Mrs. Fournet constantly sends emails of opportunities for many colleges and opens your eyes to things you may not been aware of.

One of the last opportunities is the college rep meetings. Ms. Neil-Jones, our guidance counselor, is in charge of scheduling these meetings. A rep from a college of choice comes to our school to meet with anyone interested in that college. You are able to ask any questions and have one on one conversations instead of only being able to contact them by email. Missy Bourdier, Senior, says “I don’t really go to many, but they do give us a chance to hear about schools that we wouldn’t have thought about otherwise.” I have noticed that not a lot of people attend these meetings but, like Missy says, I agree that these opportunities can open our eyes to new ideas on colleges to possibly attend.

There are many ways even the younger grades can get involved in deciding on a future, but this is a peak into a few of the many ways Ascension prepares you for college. I couldn’t be more thankful for all the opportunities I have had at Ascension that has made choosing a future as stress-free as possible.