Your Coffee Fix


Hot or iced? Skinny or regular? White chocolate, mocha, hazelnut, or vanilla? Decaf or caffeinated? Cappuccino, expresso, or latte? These are just a few decisions customers have to make when they walk into a coffee shop.

In Lafayette, there are many coffee shops where Ascension students get their caffeine fix, such as CC’s, Starbucks, the Lab, Johnston Street Java, etc…. But others prefer the comfort of coffee from their own home and make it themselves.

“When I go to Starbucks, I get the mocha caramel latte unless it is a holiday and then I’ll get the peppermint or pumpkin spice latte,” said Junior Victoria Doré.  She said goes to Starbucks because of the convenience, drive-through, and the delicious snacks they sell.

Contrary to Ms. Dore’s opinion, Madison Caswell enjoys stopping by CC’s for his coffee.

“I like the white-chocolate and caramel mochasippi but hate any hot coffees” he said. Madison said that he likes the convenience of the locations, especially in River Ranch, and the sit-down areas outside.

With all these fancy coffees, some people just like regular old coffee with cream and sugar. Brittany Tomlin likes to go to CC’s and get “plain coffee with sugar and milk”.  However, Patrick Bean likes his coffee made at home with neither cream or sugar, just black.

With all these coffee lovers and wonderful coffee shops, we forget about another item sold at these locations, tea. One non-coffee fanatic is Elaina Donlon. One of her favorite things to do is to go sit at the Lab in River Ranch and get hot white tea or iced green tea with honey. She loves the atmosphere and the feeling it gives her and where it is located.