The Football Lock-in


Michael Schaub, Staff Writer

On Friday, August 11, the football team hosted their annual lock-in. The lock-in is an event the football team offers to prepare for the upcoming season. The lock-in is held at the school gym where the players focus on team building exercises that will allow them to get in the game mindset. The boys spend the night playing games like ping pong, basketball, and Playstation. This supports bonding between the teammates and promotes new friendships. The lock-in is a welcoming place that encourages companionship between teammates that resembles a brotherhood.

Junior Jhalen Brown said,”I enjoy going to the lock-in because it is a place where we can bond with other players that we do not usually talk to.” This shows that, while the football team cares about winning games, they also care about having a family that can always rely on each other. While the team was relaxing, they discussed their goals and ambitions for the new season. They decided that they had one very important objective in mind: fighting their way back to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Brown said, “We set our mark on returning to the dome and we will not settle for anything less.”

On Saturday, all the players worked outside on the field to prepare it for the upcoming games. Junior Austin Arceneaux said, “I love working on the field because it means that the new season is right around the corner. When we are out there, you can feel the energy from all the guys.”  Some of the team cleaned up the bleachers while others painted the numbers along the sidelines. Overall, the lock-in was successful in earning the player’s excitement for what is to come and gaining their focus on working more than just a team, but as a family.