Volleyball Off to a Great Start


For the past two months, the volleyball girls have been extensively training in the weight room and in the gym. Their first scrimmage, against Lafayette High, was a success! They ended up winning both games.

“I wish it would’ve counted” said Mrs. Renard in chapel.

Senior Laurel Smith said she can’t wait to play (and hopefully beat) ESA. Laurel plays the libero position, in which she adds “the one with the different colored jersey!”. Also, she describes how the team prays for a great game with no injuries before each game.

“We do are famous hand clap to get us excited and pumped before every game as well,” said Laurel.

Her side note to the younger girls is not to get frustrated or stressed; she said that if you freak out after one mistake, it lets your opponent know. She warned that doubt also will get inside a player’s head, causing even more mistakes! Her goal is for the team to win state and her top choice for run out song is “Black Skinhead” by Kanye West!

Junior Emma Sullivan is the defensive specialist for the Lady Gators. Emma has been playing volleyball since fifth grade. Her advice for the younger girls is to keep working hard and maintain a positive attitude. She hopes to be successful and make it to state. Her top choice for run out song is “Come and Get It” by Selena Gomez!

Coach Jill Braun was pleased with the Lady Gator’s performance during the scrimmages. She added that it’s early in the season but that she felt the team was gelling, making smart decisions, and overall playing well.

Coach Braun said her expectations for the season are to continue to train hard so that the team steadily improves as the season progresses.

“They are all important…there is not one,” said Coach Braun, discussing the upcoming lineup. “I’m ready to beat ESA, just like any other team, but I’m just the coach…I don’t get to take the floor against them. I hope that I train my team to have the skills and mental toughness to beat them at any point during the season.”

She added that she is very impressed with the seniors role this year. She said that they implemented “Big Sis Lil Sis”, a team theme, and that each senior brings something unique to team.

Come cheer on the Lady Gators as they take the court this season!