Senior Spotlight: Ivy Maron

Senior Spotlight: Ivy Maron

Name: Ivy Maron

Grade Started at Ascension: Pre-K3

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Robert and Mr. Sierveld

Favorite Ascension Memory: Junior Trip

Future Plans: Start at UL and transfer to Indiana University in Bloomington to major in Animal Behavior

Ivy Maron might be quiet, but underneath her shy exterior is someone described by peers as intelligent, determined, and persistent. She is hard to crack at first, but once she opens up, you’ll find Ivy to truly be all of these things and more! She is such a bright gal, and she has a kind heart that never fails to comfort those around her. Ivy is never afraid to put her true colors upfront, and though she may be soft spoken, she is so genuine.

When asked about her time in high school, she said, “Two things that have really defined who I am are horseback riding and photography.” Without these two things, she believes she would be lost. Aside from working at Bread and Circus, an adorable restaurant in the Oil Center, Ivy runs a photography business. “In freshman year, I managed to put [horseback riding and photography] together, and have built up a portfolio over four years, as well as started a small business and making money at local shows.”

Obviously Ivy is a talented girl with lots of potential. As one of her friends, and along with the rest of our Ascension family, I can’t wait to see what she does after high school! We love ya, girl!