Senior Spotlight: Grace Morgan

Senior Spotlight: Grace Morgan

Name: Grace Catalina Morgan

Grade Started at Ascension: 3rd

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Acevedo

Favorite Ascension Memory: her senior homecoming week

Future Plans: Attend LSU and major in Biology

Grace Morgan moved to Ascension in 3rd grade. Her first memory is becoming friends with fellow senior Blair Richard. Grace has been involved with many activities at Ascension like SADD,  Cupcakes for Causes, BETA, and Random Acts of Kindness Club. Grace loves being a part of these clubs because of the new friendships she makes. 

Grace has been a member of Gator Jazz since 8th grade. One of her earliest memories of Gator Jazz was dancing in the Mercedes Superdome at the State Championship for football. Grace was a part of the first Gator Jazz team to compete at Nationals. Grace said, “Everything was fun at Nationals! My favorite part was going to Universal with my team and riding the rides”. At Nationals, the tension is high, but Gator Jazz overcame it and came out 3rd in Pom and 4th in Jazz. Grace said, “The adrenaline was so high and we were all so hype to show off what we had been working on for months”. 

Grace is the mother of Stewart, the senior class mascot. Stewart is Grace’s turtle pencil bag that quickly gained popularity by the senior class. Sadly, Stewart was taken and has still not been found. Please contact Grace if you have seen him. It is much appreciated. 

If you know Grace, you know she is a HOT MESS! One of Grace’s funniest memories from Ascension comes from the 5th grade trip to D.C.. Throughout the trip, Grace got lost about 3 times. The last time she got lost, she barely made it back to the bus. Grace, I’m praying you don’t get lost in college.