Senior Spotlight: Missy Bourdier


Erin McFaul, Staff Writer

Name: Missy Bourdier

Grade started at Ascension: Junior year

Favorite teacher(s) at Ascension: Mrs. Small and Mrs. Walker

Future plans: LSU and not sure on her major yet

Interesting facts about Missy:

Something that no one knows about Missy: She would like to start a circus.

Is double dipping ever acceptable at a party? She says “if its a rando party than absolutely not, but if it’s my best friends, it’s acceptable.”

When I asked her if she had any nicknames, she says:  “People call me over achiever”

Her mentor: She likes to think her mentor is Coach DarDar because he is always making sure we make conscious decisions.

Would she rather have no arms or no legs? She said, “I would rather have no legs because I can get fake legs, like something cool like robot legs.”

What motivates her: When I see my grade drop below a 50.

What gets her up in the morning: The drive and determination to conquer the day