My Junior Year


The Junior Year has definitely been a year to say the least. I have a lot of stress over my GPA because this year your grades define your whole future, and you are trying to get a good ACT score. I constantly feel compared to a number or a score, and it can affect my overall happiness and my schedule is filled with AP classes and extracurriculars. I have a dumpster fire of things I have to do. Now there are some ups to the junior year. The junior trip was fun to take as a class, and I definitely feel like I’ve grown closer to the people on the trip. I also made my confirmation this year so I am happy to be Catholic now. Also, we get to go to prom so that will be an experience. I’m 17 now so I have no legal curfew. I have all the extracurriculars I need for college, and I could go to most colleges so that’s reassuring. I will register to vote soon. We start to write our college essays for our applications. I am not a younger student anymore–I have classes with a variety of ages, and I became closer with some of the seniors.