Y the L wouldn’t you go?


Mia Dardar, Staff Writer

If you don’t already know what Young Life is you’re definitely missing out. Young Life club is held once every few weeks at a students house and, a couple times throughout the year, we have an all area club with Lafayette High. At every club, we sing (which means screaming words to songs whether you know it or not), play games, act out skits, and, at the end of the night, one of our leaders reads a passage from the Bible and gives a little bit of good news to help us with our week.

Last night, a small group of juniors and seniors met with our leaders, Chelsie Guidry, JR Marks, and Hillary Sellers to talk about the upcoming year of Young Life, plan clubs, and share why we love Young Life so much. After this meeting, junior Anna Grace Franques said, “We have big things coming for this year in Young Life and everyone should come!” This meeting eventually turned into us running up and down the street writing on our cars to advertise the first club. So, if you haven’t yet seen it on any of our cars or just haven’t heard about it, the first Young Life club is on SEPTEMBER 19 @7:27 PM at Addie Vidrine’s house and the best part about it is, EVERY 9-12th grader is invited.

Young Life is a great opportunity to get closer with some people that you might not talk to everyday at school and it’s a way to get your mind off of the stressful school week. More club dates for this semester are, 9/19, 10/9, 10/22, 10/29, 11/12, and 12/3, you can also follow the instagram page @ascensionyounglife to stay updated. So, get excited, pack your cars with friends, and come to Young Life, because Y the L not?